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Being loved and loving someone in return are essential to make life worth living. We can’t deny the fact that every person who believes in the power of love wants to experience what it’s like to be swept off his/her feet and to see another soul beyond the surface mask. That’s the inspiration behind the creation of this site.

Our goal is to expose the many faces of human attachment as reflected in various modern-day relationships.

Human relationships are not child’s play. They are far from the fairy tales and happy ending stories that we used to read as a child. In this modern world we live in, relationships have become even more complicated and harder to define.

Learning and understanding them is comparable to a child who’s seeing things for the first time. Along with the technological innovations came a different mindset for the millennial people with regards to relationships. Let’s try to dig deeper into the subject.

The Concept Behind Modern Relationships

Times have changed to reveal different types of modern relationship that developed over time. Gone are the days when being in a relationship is as simple and as defined as being hooked up in a monogamous and heterosexual romance.

In this modern age and amidst technological advancements, the concept of relationship has found a new meaning and dimension that goes beyond conventional thinking. Let’s explore the subject in depth by identifying the types of modern relationships that exist nowadays.

Exclusive Dating

The term “exclusively dating” is probably a vague concept for many because it leaves enough room for interpretation. What may mean something to one person may mean something else to another. To make such arrangement work, it is essential to openly communicate the terms that go hand in hand with it.

exclusive relationship
An exclusive relationship.

By doing so, both parties can decide on how to define their relationship and how to give regard to each other. This can also help in identifying the chances of having a next level of commitment later on.

Asexual Relationship

For people who are not interested in sex, is it still possible for them to carry on a successful relationship? For those who believe that the answer to this question is a “yes”, then that sheds light on what asexual relationship stands for.

asexual relationship
Asexual individual relationship

Though not into sex, couples who are in this type of relationship can still crave for intimacy although in an entirely different way. They find holding hands, cuddling and physical closeness more valuable and meaningful than sex.

Open Relationship

An open relationship refers to being in an actual relationship with only one person but openly engaging in sexual relations with other partners. It defines a modern arrangement wherein both parties give each other consent to engage in sexual activities with other partners,

meet other singles via male and female chat lines and to have casual “hook-ups” while maintaining their existing relationship or solid “partnership”. It’s like allowing your partner to play as much as he wants just as long as he comes home to you.

Friends with Benefits

For those who are not ready to get into a serious commitment yet have that one person they are comfortable being around with, being in a “friends with benefits” or FWB set up becomes an option. In theory, this may seem like a good idea.

Friends with benefits type of relationship.
Friends with benefits type of relationship.

You can sleep, call a phone sex line and get intimate with a “friend” whom you like and trust; yet you do not have to deal with commitment and there’s no sense of obligation between the two of you.

Polyamorous Relationship

Polyamory refers to being romantically involved with multiple persons at the same time and with the consent of all parties involved. Given this general concept, a polyamorous relationship is a non-monogamous relationship wherein “all” partners agree that each one may have both romantic and sexual relationships with other partners.

polyamorous relationship
polyamorous relationship

All parties involved are aware who enters the relationship and each one has a “say” about the arrangement.

Online Relationship

Online relationship

Developing online relationship that progresses into something more romantic has increasingly become common and it’s considered as a valid type of relationship.

The Downside of Modern Relationships

We live in an age wherein everything is right under our fingertips. We all love the fact that the internet allows us to scroll through social media apps and see someone whom we find attractive or worth knowing. We can instantly reach out to make a new acquaintance, friend or even romantic partner. We all live for that “touch of the button” feel.

However, since we co-exist in an age where everything is fast, convenient and instant, we develop a certain tendency to pull ourselves back when challenges arise. As a result, we move on to search for a new instant thrill to keep us from dealing with our conflicts.

We don’t put as much time and effort to really love and appreciate another person deeply because we are over-stimulated and technologically-influenced.

For this reason, a lot of people choose not to get committed or to not marry at all. The fact that the world has opened a lot of options and possibilities is just too hard to resist and being tied down limits our freedom to explore.

Without a doubt, global interconnectedness has enabled us to just keep moving forward and get into the constant routine of rejecting and being rejected. Thus, modern relationships seem to like to be the safest option to opt-in and out of a relationship.