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What are Friends with Benefits or FWB Relationship?

According to Urban Dictionary, Friends with Benefits or FWB Relationship refers to two friends who trust and like each other enough to engage in a sexual act without commitment and fear of hurting each other’s feelings.

It is a form of casual sex since it doesn’t involve emotional attachment or romantic feelings. However, it is always based on mutual trust and fondness for each other. 

An ideal scenario is; two friends who are not interested in entering a serious relationship but want to enjoy sex nonetheless with someone they know and trust. So, they resort to doing it together.

Given such definition, FWB is a smart alternative to random hook ups and one night stands with strangers.

Friends with Benefits can either involve actual sex, phone sex and erotic conversations to satisfy each other sexually. Either way, the arrangement is always mutual, consensual and pleasant.

Why Some Engage in FWB Relationship

Friends with Benefits or FWB is a casual and no-strings-attached relationship. Other than sex, you are not entitled to anything because there is no emotional aspect or commitment to it.

If handled correctly, you can just get in, get out, and get off without any excess baggage. However, such relationships have certain risks as well such as the possibility of one falling in love with the other or permanently ruining what might have been a good friendship. 

Still, some people engage to Friends with Benefits because it’s more convenient and safe than having casual sex with a stranger whom you met elsewhere.

Moreover, casual sex with a friend seems to be more pleasant, harmless and honest. You may not be romantically-linked together but there’s usually an undeniable chemistry.

There is no need to exclusively date someone or to resort to complicated open relationships. 

Being in a Friends with Benefits set-up is also fun, exciting and mutually beneficial. You don’t have to make any efforts to score a date and you’re not expected to create good impressions either.

You can simply arrange to have time together without the hassles and worries which are typical of any normal relationships. There are no expectations, no fancy dinners, no flowers and romantic gimmicks –

you can just be comfortable with each other like real buddies. There is only one thing that you must keep in mind though – thou shall not fall in love with your friend.