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What is Asexual Relationship?

An asexual relationship is for couples who believe that sex is not an integral element of a relationship. For such a relationship, intimacy is expressed in other forms other than sexual activities.

Asexual relationships

The desire to feel connected with their partner is performed by holding hands, hugging, cuddling, spending time together, doing fun activities and just being physically present for each other. 

An asexual relationship is not rooted on diminishing sexual desire but rather in lack of sexual interest. It is actually a choice or a personal belief that a relationship should not be based on sexual fulfillment.

Asexuality is believed to be a part of the LGBTQA spectrum and represents the last initial (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgendered-queer-asexual). However, asexual individuals receive almost no attention or airtime in the public sphere. 

Individuals who are not interested in having sex with their partners go after the idea of companionship and having someone to share their passions and ideas with. It could be in a conventional set-up or even in a form of online relationship

Characteristics of Asexual Person and Asexual Relationship

The most distinctive characteristic of an asexual person is the lack of sexual attraction towards the opposite or same-sex.

They do not experience sexual fondness or desires but rather views the relationship with other people as a form of companionship. An asexual person will never understand society’s obsession to anything that is sexual and explicit. 

Asexual people are also more likely to remain single compared to others who are not. However, those who are able to find a suitable partner who can agree to their terms usually engage in a non-sexual romantic relationship.

Surprisingly, the success rate for most asexual relationships is almost always the same as a sexual relationship. 

The elements that make up a successful and solid asexual relationship are communication, fun, excitement and humor. The relationship is usually based on quality time together and common interests.

Furthermore, asexual persons are described as perfectly capable of intimacy; they just have a different way of expressing it and it doesn’t involve sexual acts. For them, it is perfectly reasonable to get into a serious relationship and commitment where sex is unimportant and irrelevant.