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What is an Online Relationship?

We live in a time and age where a lot of people meet online. The evolution of dating apps, online dating sites, chat lines, online gaming and social media has connected people from different walks of life under various fields of interests.

This gave rise to a new concept in a relationship which is referred to as Online Relationship. 

Online Relationships are those which are born, developed and maintained online. However, just because they only exist online doesn’t mean that they have no potential in the real world.

Some online relationships escalates and become successful over a period of time while there are some which grow cold to eventually die online. Still, such relationships are considered as valid regardless of how and where they started.

Can Online Relationships Work?

Yes, online relationships can work and some can actually end up in marriage. Moreover, the anticipation in such relationship is believed to be stronger compared to conventional set-ups since there’s always an element of mystery, excitement and curiosity about the other person.

However, you have to put in some extra work in everything because relationships which are made online are harder and more challenging to maintain. Ideally, you’ll need to put in more honesty, understanding, effort and commitment especially if you want it to be an open relationship

Online relationships always have a stigma attached to them. A lot of people are actually cynical about the idea despite the fact that a lot of relationships start online.

Some choose to have such a relationship to avoid the stress and pressure associated with conventional set-ups. Resorting to an online relationship can actually give you that sense of belongingness while maintaining your personal boundaries and sense of freedom. 

Communication and Red Flags in Online Relationships

Honesty and constant communication are the building blocks of online relationship. The good news is that there are tons of ways to maintain it such as texting, chatting, instant messaging, video calls and Skype dates.

However, since you would probably rely so much on technology to maintain the relationship, it is just as important to set boundaries that would work best for you and your partner.

When communicating, it is important to discuss ways in which you can maintain intimacy without necessarily putting each other at risk. 

You must also be comfortable with your methods. If you’re having trouble agreeing to certain boundaries and limitations, or your partner isn’t respecting your preferences, then it’s time to re-think about the whole idea.

Keep in mind that senseless demands are red flags in any form of relationship and the risks can double up in online relationships since you’re making use of technology to communicate with your partner. And we know how some people can take advantage of the internet in such situations.